Monday, April 21, 2008

Archive Post: So... It Has Been a Minute

Whew! It's been a while since we posted any news for the handful of you that follow our music. Sorry, I guess that's my fault. What's happened since we put out 1994? All kinds of fun stuff. The album has been downloaded over 300 times, last I checked, and that was a month ago. It's been streamed from this blog approaching 1000 times (!). It's been listened to or downloaded by humans in over 21 different countries(!): USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Philippines, Australia, Sweden, Taiwan, India, Poland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Morocco, France, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina, Finland, Norway, South Korea, and Japan. 

The album's been remixed slightly several times since then as well. Nothing big, just stuff that another amateur recording engineer might notice. But if you haven't listened to 1994 in a minute, you should check it out again. The mixes are much smoother, the Bass more even and full, and the sound quality is little higher fidelity. We haven't gotten around to actually pressing any CDs yet--forget that, we haven't even gotten the artwork done for the thing yet. We're still looking into getting it mastered, but it looks like for now that's just a pipe dream. Oh well. A lot of people have hand-made copies, with handwritten tracklists and a neat little "The Tick" sticker for artwork. Cherish those, they're the only physical copies out there. And what's neat: since we did this whole process ourselves, it's probably one of the few instances in your life when you've received musicians' work completely unfettered by any outside interests. These are the 7 songs we wanted you to hear, in the order we wanted, with the samples we wanted, mixed the way we wanted them mixed. Could it have been done better? Absolutely Definitely. Could it have been more honest? I doubt it. 

I nearly lost my mind recording this thing, as some might know. It's strange, I haven't listened to the album much since we released it--and almost never for pleasure--but listening to it now, all that frustration and broken-ness I felt squeezing the life out of me last summer is right there in those digitally encoded 1's and 0's we call music these days. Such a strange sort of blue tinted asthmatic hyperventilation. Sleeping on a patch of deep green grass in the middle of a demolition site. You know the kind of thing, "Are the walls breathing in on us, or are we just a little bigger today?"

Not that things are very different now, and I still don't think I've gotten back to my old self yet: I still wish I was a superhero. I still wish I could joke about serious things a little more, and then still take them very seriously. I still wish the world wasn't barreling full-throttle into some sort of terribly endless Cold War II (and sidenote: women in politics will do just as well as men when it comes to continuing to screw up the world). A person can be reasonably unquestioning of 3 things in his life: He was born, he likes sex, he'll die. While Time may be real, our perception of it is certainly an illusion. Thank god I'm not a superhero, because I would probably end up a super villain in no time. We probably drink too much.

7 statements about 7 songs. And those are the last things I'll ever say about 1994 (probably). Latre.

Have Fun.

Originally Posted Monday, April 21, 2008