Monday, December 31, 2007

1994 - I Got a Lot of Anger

<a href="">I Got a Lot of Anger by Hosey</a>

The album closer. This piece marked a change in our music writing process. It was the first song completely conceived after both Hughes and I had moved to New York City, and the first time our Sampler (the SP-303 at the time) was used as a key part in the songwriting process. 

Before, the Sampler had been used mainly as a playback device for sequencing done on the computer. At the time we wrote this piece, we had recently set up a method to record 24-bit stereo into the computer. Without getting too audio geek-y, let's just say that no longer was there a distinction between processing “in-the-box” or out of it. Now every part of our arsenal (computer, Sampler, Turntables, Bass, Minds) had equal weight in the writing and arranging process.

Not a lot of samples in this one. It starts out with a brilliant piece of dialogue from  Home Movies, one of my favorite shows even now when it's no longer on the air. Coach McGuirk is speaking about stand-up Comedy, but I suspect what he says would apply to a lot of the same people who are reading the blog of an unknown band that “can't even get into the Army, if you can believe it”. I know at the point in time we put this together, there wasn't another sample in the world that so precisely and “eloquently” put into words the cynical fatalist perception of life shared by my friends and I. The only other really prominent sample is from the song “The Beginning and the End” off the album Oceanic by the band Isis.

Have fun with the album, kids. Thanks a lot for all the support.

I Got A Lot of Anger

I heard it's a good way to get things off your chest
You know I've got a lot of anger, Brendan.
And I need to channel that anger
I just have a couple of drinks
At my apartment
Start yelling
and Pass Out.
Well this is a Good Way
to bring that
To the Public
To the People 

Originally Posted Monday, December 31, 2007