Thursday, December 27, 2007

1994 - ...Like It's Gonna Have a Baby

This song started out as kind of a joke to play between other songs in our live set. It was originally just the drums and bass, with vocal scratches. We enjoyed playing it so much at practice that we eventually decided to make it into a whole song in itself. It's all about the life cycle: Sex, Birth, Death; you know the finer things in life. 

<a href="">...Like It's Gonna Have a Baby!!! by Hosey</a>

The vocals are from The Tick television series from 2001. A hilarious show. The entire series, which only ran for one season, can be streamed at Hulu.

...Like It's Gonna Have A Baby
He stalks the night streets
His mind racing around
A single thought:
“What is it?
What is 'doing it'?
What does 'It'

My head
It feels like...
...Like it's gonna have a baby!

The eternal blink.
The capricious dance of:
Now you stop moving forever.
Contrary to popular belief,
Death isn't just for dead people.
It can happen to anyone.
I know,
It was news to me, too.
And it's not just people either,
It's all kinds of stuff.
Horses, fiddler crabs,
Did you know
That even a potato can die? 

Originally Posted Thursday, December 27, 2007