Monday, November 10, 2014

More to Come...

I know I keep saying this, but Hosey will soon be back to releasing music and playing shows after an extended hiatus. Who knows where the future will lead us? I haven't been bitten by any cake bugs, so I do not possess the curse of second sight... yet. ("Cake Boss!")

That also means I have to brush off the old blogging chops and get used to writing again. So I'll start that process by reporting on what is in the pipeline. Sorry if this is all a little dry. Text messaging has dulled my long-form writing edge.

Hosey has written a bunch of new songs that we will soon take to the stages, so we can get feedback and decide which pieces are worth the cost of recording. Stay tuned for upcoming shows.

We've gone through the vaults of unreleased ephemera and found about an EP's worth of demo material that you could only have heard if you saw us play live oh so many years ago. We're mixing all that now. Coming soon.

We are very excited to have Friend of Hosey (and sibling of one half of the band), Eddie Phalen, working on new logos and and artwork. Check out some of his paintings at the end of this post.

During this break, we've continued doing music/sound work for performance artists and modern dancers. We'll try to promote that work a little more in the future (since it actually pays!), and highlight some of our favorite collaborations. We've also played some acoustic shows and cover gigs under our "secret" band name, Goodbye Bikini Island. We're sifting through that ephemera to find anything that might not actually be ephemera.

Is that it? Maybe.

Otherwise, I (Patrik) think I will start writing about things outside of music that I find to be great or interesting. Make no mistake, this isn't to improve other people's lives, or to promote content, I'm doing it solely because I'm tired of no one getting my How Did This Get Made? references at the bar. It is very upsetting.

Here's some of Eddie Phalen's art:


Have Fun,