Press & Fan Stuff

Here's an incomplete collection of things people have written about us, stuff fans have sent us, and other various projects that somehow involved Hosey.


Goodbye Bikini Island album review at The Silent Ballet.

Blog write-up over at Potholes In My Blog.

Beautiful photos taken by our friend Deneka Peniston.

Another interview, this time at Glasses Glasses.

Interview in the Duluth News Tribune.

An instance of some as-yet-unknown fan making their own Hosey t-shirts.

A video by a fan featuring "Cribs" from V II, along with other great music. (Hi Nicole!)

Another live performance (of another Pixies song!) captured by our friend DJ Xerox, host of Copycat.

A live performance captured by our friend Jenn.

Blog write-up at Bucket of Rock.

Excellent Hosey photos taken by Wesley at StaticTV.