Sunday, May 8, 2005

Archived Post: "Song Info"

Originally Posted Sunday, May 08, 2005 at MySpace

INCOMING TRANSMISSION FROM jennifer AGENT "v3k70r51gm4" OP ID ..:******** BEGIN: Yo, Trik here. Just posted two new songs, "Looking Thru A Candle" and "Suburbs of Cybertron". "Candle" is built around a drum loop I made from a home recording of Allen Jones from An End To October, who you should check out here on myspace. He's one sick drummer and I really appreciate having 'exclusives' so to speak on such a ferocious piece of percussion. "Cybertron" is built around a sample of the opening seconds of Transformers: The Movie, which makes it way cooler than any song that doesn't sample Transformers: The Movie. It also features the man, Matt Hughes playing bass and kicking yr face in the stomach. Both were written back in Hattiesburg. If you want to know about the older posts: "When Will Then Be Now?" is the newest thing I've completed, but it's missing the scratching, which might not really matter anyway. And Horatio Huphnagel's "Worker of the Week Award" infringes on, like, 5 different copyrights in less than 2 minutes. What a weirdo... END COMMUNICATION

[NOTE: This is the very first blog post I ever did in relation to Hosey. These tracks have all ended up on various albums. For convenience's sake, I've linked them to the most current high quality versions of the songs. The difference between these old versions and the current tracks is mostly a sound quality issue]