Thursday, June 9, 2011

[LIVE] Hosey at Goodbye Blue Monday June 18th, 9pm

 Wow. It's been about a year since Hosey last played a show (we've done some performances in the meantime as our side project, Goodbye Bikini Island, which you may have caught). On Saturday, June 18th we will play a set of new and very different material at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn (see map). GBM is an awesome little venue with a stage inside and a patio out back where bands perform. We will be on the back patio at 9pm. Bands will be playing inside and outside all night. The cover is only $5, and you can be assured that the musicians will be paid out of that.

If you can believe it, this will be an acoustic show. I say that it might be hard to believe in acknowledgment of those who know us primarily as a sample-based turntable-oriented band. However, Hughes and I have always been guitar players and songwriters at heart. We're recording our new material now, so I don't have much for you guys to listen to, but here are two demos of songs we will be playing that night.

The Holiday Song by Hosey