Friday, May 20, 2011

Beginning Work on a New Album

I am very excited to announce that tomorrow morning, shortly after 4am, Hosey will begin recording songs for our new album:Cavalry!... and I Don't Mean Horses. This one is going to be a wild departure from previous albums, even by Hosey standards. Less sampling this time around, more original components. Earlier Hosey tracks that are somewhat indicative of the new stuff would be "Ludicrous Speed", "Cribs", "Mode 7", and "Just a Few Seconds".

The album's theme, in typical convoluted Hosey fashion, is a post-apocalyptic Western-style nightmare of a young man who loses the love of his life to the seductions of a twisted cult. She is kept in a castle, cut off from the outside world. Unwilling to lose her without a fight, he hires the only person with the balls to take on the castle with him: a helicopter-piloting, sharpshooting cowgirl known only as Harriet. (Did I mention that horses and helicopters are the only means of transportation?)

The truth of the matter is that this album is really going to be a return to Hosey's earliest roots; rather than digging through piles of media for samples, this is more about Hughes and I writing music the way we did when we were just out of high school. A couple of guys with guitars and a lot of imagination. As a sort of homage to that time in our lives, and the local bands in Mississippi that had such massive influence over us, I've decided to "sample" some of those bands' names for a few track titles. I hope no one minds! It's all about love, you know?

Here's the tentative tracklist, in no particular order:

"Asleep in the Road"
"Blow Up the Moon"
"Dollar Book Freud"
"Magic Spells Don't Work"
"An End to October"
"Cavalry!... and I Don't Mean Horses" (in 4 movements)
      I: "Harriet's Theme"
      II: "Virtue is a Weapon"
      III: "Treasure in Hand"
      IV: "Olde-Time Religion"

We're hoping to show some of the process we go through. Photos, maybe some video, definitely rough tracks; we want y'all to glimpse the process of bringing this album to life. I can't be sure of how much we'll open up, mainly because once you start slipping down the rabbit hole of recording an album, the outside world becomes a very distant place. I'm sure you understand. We'll do our best. And that's a Hosey™ brand promise!