Sunday, September 20, 2009

Archive Post: _Goodbye Bikini Island_ "Lyrics"

Some people ask me what some of our samples are "saying", so I like to write all of them out for everybody. I know for those who aren't scratch nerds that it can be a little tricky to follow the words sometimes.

Anyway, here they are:

Goodbye Bikini Island "Lyrics"

---=== Looking Thru a Candle ===---

From days of long ago
From uncharted regions of the Universe
Comes a Legend...

A lone starship hurdles
Across the tractless void
A single human spark
Bulleting Beyond the barriers
Of Space and Time

Radio listeners!
Set your imagination
For the year 2000!

---=== It'll Happen to You ===---

What the hell are you two doing?

It's called rocking out!
You wouldn't understand, Dad
You're not with it

I used to be "with it"
Then they changed what "it" was
Now what I'm with, isn't "it"
And what's "it" seems weird and scary to me
It'll happen to you!

No way, man!
We're gonna keep on rocking

Interstitial 1:

( Brendan,
let me show you something, alright?

Mm-hm, alright.

Look at my arm right there.
You see that?


I got that when I was eighteen years old.
I'll tell you something: I regret it.
'Cause that tattoo don't come off.


I have a tattoo of a cow's head
Because I love that cheese
I said, “Give me that cow head from that cheese
I love that cheese!”
And I get the cow
And I go in there
I'm a little drunk

Uh huh?

Now I have a cow—a cheese cow—on my arm
Don't get a tattoo
That's what I'm trying to tell you


Take a look at my chest
C'mon, I'm serious

Eh, that's nice Mr. Mc-

You know what that is?
That's the woman
From the Chiquita banana
I got that tattooed on my chest
I am an idiot
I got trademark products all over my body
It's like going to a market
Because I was drunk one night


Don't live like me, alright?
Alright )

---=== Mode 7 ===---

I've got my eyes closed.

Interstitial 2:

( Hmm
Very curious
Very interesting
I think man
Is the most interesting insect on Earth
Don't you?
There is a growing tendency
To think of man
As a rational thinking being
Which is absurd
There is simply no evidence
Of any intelligence on the Earth
Mm-hm )

---=== Just a Few Seconds ===---

The Earth?
The Earth will be gone
In just a few seconds

Oh well
Don't bother then

Interstitial 3:

( Who is he?

He's an Asshole, sir

I know that!
What's his name?

That is his name, sir: Asshole
Major Asshole

And his cousin?

He's an Asshole, too, sir
Gunner's mate
First class
Philip Asshole

How many Assholes we got
On this ship, anyhow?


I knew it
I'm surrounded by assholes

---=== Suburbs of Cybertron ===---

Talk to me, Earth!
We got a situation out here!
Roger me! Wilco me!
Hello, Earth?!

This thing
Just ripped the moon to shreds!

---=== Like an Animal ===---

Check this out

Look at you!
Last week
You were flipping out
About missing work

Ah, no
That's the old Liz
My boss tried to tell me
I'd go crazy
Living a life of leisure
And it's unhealthy...

He's actually right

No, he's not

You know
I used to be a neurosurgeon
Before Jasmine, Di, and I
Wrote our cook book
And the human brain
Needs stimulation
Or it atrophies
And your pleasure center
Literally shrinks
That's why we do
Our “special activity”
To combat that

Like sudoku?

We did a games night
For a couple of weeks
Didn't last

Charity work?

Charity work sucks

Should we tell her?

It's too soon

Punch me in the face, Liz

I'm sorry, what?

You heard me
Punch me
As hard as you can
And then I am coming at you
Like an animal!

Oh god
Is this a fight club?!

Pain proves we're alive!

This is *very* disappointing!

Hit me!
Get a taste!

You want out?
You're gonna have to fight your way out!

Interstitial 4:

There are two
Forms of activity
That she is learning about
One is Sex
And the other
One is Chess
Sex makes no sense to her
It's scary
No one will tell her exactly
What the rules are
Whereas with Chess
She can penetrate
And understand
And comprehend
She can deal with it
And so she develops herself
Enormously well at Chess
Where her Sexual development
Remains—not retarded exactly—but
In some sort of Limbo

I'm his
Number one fan
I've got all his books
Every sentence
He ever put down
You're gonna laugh
At what I'm about to say
But go ahead
I don't care:
When I was praying
God told me
To get ready
To be his replacement
He gave so much
Pleasure to so many
There's a shortage of
Pleasure on the planet
These days
In case you hadn't noticed
God told me
Since I was his
Number one fan
That I should make up
New stories
And so I went to town
And I bought a typewriter
And paper to type on
And I turned
The guest bedroom
Into a writing studio
I know how he wrote:
The kinds of words he used
The wonderful stories he told
I spent the last four weeks
Trying to write
But I can't do it right
I try
And I try
And I know
All the words
But it's just not the same

---=== I Just Wanna Go Home ===---

Keep the Faith, baby!
People are depressed
They are frustrated
They are down trodden
They see no hope

I'm a Writer
And I drink
A lot
Just like Dad

---=== So There's a Girl... ===---

So there's a girl... ?
Yes, sir
She's one of the Dancers
And when I watch her Dance
My Heart skips a beat

You're dating
One of the Dancers?

I actually haven't spoken to her yet
But I have a long term plan to marry her