Saturday, September 19, 2009

Archive Post: A Belated Hosey Newsletter

Greetings Jr. Inner-Space Cadets!

I've been incommunicado for a long minute. Here's what's popping:

---=== Item 1 ===---

Hosey is throwing another Keg Party on Oct 2. Same as always. $5 to drink all you can until the keg runs out. This time around, we're bringing a new friend: Abstract Artimus will be throwing down with Hosey in an all-nite, no-holds-barred, frenzied orgy of Music, Mayhem, and MURDER!!! Friends of Hosey will be DJing fore and aft the onslaught. Could it be YOU?!? (yes, it will be)

---=== Item 2 ===---

We're also pleased to announce that recording, mixing, and mastering are all done for our new album, Goodbye Bikini Island. I'd be announcing the release of the album right now, but we don't have artwork for it yet. Soon, it will be done and in your hands.

For now you can check out two new tracks from it:

<a href="">So There's a Girl... by Hosey</a>

If this one doesn't get me any girlie action, then I'm giving up on satisfaction altogether. Download it here 

<a href="">Just a Few Seconds by Hosey</a>

Yep, we're still obsessed with blowing up the Earth. Some things never change. Download it here.

Here's the whole tracklist for Goodbye Bikini Island:

1. Looking Thru a Candle
2. It'll Happen to You
3. Mode7
4. Just a Few Seconds
5. Suburbs of Cybertron
6. Like an Animal
7. I Just Wanna Go Home
8. So There's a Girl...
9. Goodbye Bikini Island

You'll notice that "I Just Wanna Go Home" has found a proper home. You can still hear that song at and at our MySpace profile. Also, for anyone who's been listening for the whole decade, you'll notice that we dusted off some other old songs. I hope you'll enjoy the various ways we've twisted them up. Goodbye Bikini Island should be out as soon as we've finished the artwork. Which I'm kind of lost on, for the moment. Nevertheless, it will be online and in your hands very soon.

---===End of Items===---

That's it for now. I swear to be a better netizen in the future, and not leave everybody out of the loop on current Hosey ramblings. 

Originally Posted Saturday, September 19th, 2009