Sunday, September 29, 2013

[MUSIC] "Blue Yellow Pink" - A Love Letter to Breaking Bad

As promised, Hosey is back at work on new music and preparing for live shows. Here's our first new song, "Blue Yellow Pink."

It's a sonic homage to the greatness that is Breaking Bad. The finale airs tonight, and I am feeling a mixture of excitement, to see how this whole saga wraps up, and a profound sadness as what might be the best show in the history of television shuffles off the air.

If you're into Youtube, you can listen to it there, as well. No proper video for it yet, so you'll have to stare at the single's "cover art" for now. Maybe some enterprising video wizard will splice this together with clips from the show:


Let's break it down...
Chemistry is the study of transformation
Elements, they combine and change into compounds
Just over and over and over.


Blue yellow pink
Whatever, man
Just keep bringing me that.

Nothing stops this train


Thanks for listening