Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Not Like a Phoenix, But Still Rising from Ashes

Apologies to my handful of reader(s?) for the long lapse in posts. I recently moved to a new neighborhood in NYC, which coincided oh-so-conveniently with my battered old laptop crashing for the last time. Presently, I have moved from the East Village to Crown Heights, and I now have a new computer.

I'll miss that eight+-year-old Toshiba lappy that actually belonged to someone else. A lot of music winded its way along those circuits, bursting out over and across the motherboard like Sandy's tide come to return Jersey to Atlantis. That lappy--which never saw a lap and only ever sat in one place on a swiveling, wall-mounted TV display like you'd find in a crappy buffet pizza joint--pulled far more than its share of the music-making duties. It was once the beating heart of Vektor Sigma, and it will not soon be forgotten. For edification of my own memories, here's a list of music that can be blamed on myself and that computer:

Hosey - 1994 (recorded this album three times!)

Hosey - V II

Hosey - Goodbye Bikini Island

Hosey - You Had to Be There (A lost collection of outtakes and whatnot)

Goodbye Bikini Island - entire catalog thus far

Red Brick / Yellow Brick (Sound design/score for a modern dance performance)

Deer, To Me (Same as above)

I Want My '90s (Sound design for modern dance)

How to Disappear Completely (Same as above)

I Want That Light (Student film score)

Taint Brigade - Ver Sind Die Taint Brigade (You really don't want to know)

Static Radio - Episodes 1 - 3 (a podcast of music and silly samples)

... and that's everything I can recall at this very moment. I'll add more to the list as it all comes back to me. Vektor Sigma has a new heart now. I hope as much, if not more music will flow through it soon, too.

... and then I hope someone will listen to it.