Saturday, July 30, 2011

[RECAP] "Blow Up the Moon" Photos & Wrap Up

DJ Doriana auf die einsen und zweien

This past Wednesday night was "Blow Up the Moon", a night of bands, booze, and DJs hosted by Hosey. Catch my recap and some photos after the jump...

New York City, July 27, 2011
Otto's Shrunken Head 14th and Ave B
Mission: "Blow Up the Moon" 

This was only my second time involved in hosting/promoting a night of music. I have to say, it was thoroughly terrifying, ulcer-inducing, and a ton of fun. I really don't know how the good promoters in this city do this sort of thing every week. Sometimes twice a week. Sheesh.

Speaking of good promoters, Wednesday nights at Otto's generally belong to our friend and neighbor DJ Xerox, host of the "Copycat" and "Turtleneck" parties that happen throughout each month. He was looking for a little mid-Summer break, so in we stepped to handle hosting duties for a week. He's one of those aforementioned promoters who puts on really excellent shows here in the city week in and out. They are few and far between, trust me. Hosey has played for promoters who couldn't even be bothered to show up to their own nights. God love 'em... please. Because I sure don't.

To set the mood over the course of the night, we had the lovely DJ Doriana [pictured above] spinning an excellent mix of old-school hip hop and underground 80s and 90s music of assorted varieties. Vinyl only, of course. Got to love the the girls who love the wax.

The first band of the night was Intuitions.

There had been worry that they wouldn't be able to perform because, unfortunately, their drummer hurt his shoulder just days before the gig. Luckily, the mighty Caroline from Hologram stepped in with the sticks and held down the beats for the band. We were really excited that they could still perform, and we're very grateful to Caroline for helping out. I'm sure Intuitions appreciated it, too.

Intuitions' set was short and very sweet, consisting of 60s pop covers peppered with originals.

Up next was y'alls trulies, Hosey.

Taking a departure from our usual turntable madness, Hughes and I decided to rock out old-school Hosey style with guitars. Ah, to feel seventeen again. Wait, I hated being seventeen... quite. Moving on. We debuted a handful of new songs and subjected our fans to the dual (dueling?) caterwaul of our 'adequate' voices. What's the opposite of "dulcet"?

The new songs were, "Asleep in the Road", "Morningside", "Nanobots Ate My Baby!", and "Magic Spells Don't Work". We also jammed over a little bit of "Leyendecker" by Battles. Good times.

Thanks to Matt Kimmelman for the above photos. Thanks to Emily6 for the below photo, which has fallen victim to my attempts at making things look hip and cool with a photo editing program (GIMP, for those who are curious about such things).

Closing out the night we had Proxima Control. They performed an excellent mix of what I like to call "Heavy Metal". No need to micro-genre it. They did some interesting covers, too. System of a Down made an appearance on their setlist, and the highlight of the whole night for me was their spot-on rendition of "Creeping Death" by Metallica. Magnifique.

All in all, the night was a boatload of good times and great people. Hosey has boundless appreciation for Intuitions and Proxima Control and the excellent performances they put on. And of course, endless love for the most important people: all the friends and fans who made sure the night was a success.

P.S. Special thanks to Lindsey, our wonderful bartender for the evening. Best bartender in the city if you ask me.