Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hosey Blog Write-Up (#02) - Potholes in My Blog

I am absolutely stoked about getting a write-up at this site, Potholes in My Blog. To be mentioned alongside cats as amazing as DJ Shadow, Kid Koala, Dan the Automator, and Madlib is truly one of the greatest compliments Hosey's ever received. I would have been happy just to be compared to these guys in a negative way, as in "Hosey's not as good as...". But, to be compared favorably... it puts me on cloud nine. Those four artists are some of my musical heroes (My friends can attest that I go on and on about Kid Koala at times). It was exposure to them that got me into turntablism and sampling. Thank you, Andrew Martin. I can not explain how vindicating it is as a musician when someone goes out of their way to promote the things we've worked so hard on.